1. No fly lists still failing

    jake on 2006.10.21
    at 03:35 pm

    Many intelligent people recognize the fact that the security measures put in place at airports are reactionary instead of preventative and lack strength. A recent report by CBS found that the no-fly lists are doing more harm than good. Instead of stopping terrorists, they have so many false positives that everyday citizens are harassed and humilitated every time they arrive at the airport.

    The report found that the list was outdated, incomplete and lacking logic.

    The part that increases my blood pressure the most is the blatent lack of pertinent information. The lists contain only a few pieces of information on each suspected terrorist. So when you see a seventy-eight year old man from Idaho who looks nothing like the thirty-two year old terrorist from a foreign country you’d imagine he wouldn’t be bothered. According to the report he will be singled out and detained for an undetermined amount of time.

    But Cathy Berrick says things are not going well. “So it’s three years later and the program still isn’t fielded,” she says.

    She says an estimated $144 million has been spent on Secure Flight. Asked what taxpayers got for their money, Berrick says “nothing tangible yet.”

    For that amount of time and money you would think they would have the ability to actually create a database of suspected terrorists and keep track of actual relevant data. Leaving the “Robert Johnsons” of the world to fly to Cleveland, on business, in peace.

    Unlikely Terrorists On No Fly List (from Boing Boing)

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