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    brian on 2006.11.08
    at 11:07 pm

    Lots to talk about tonight, the day after our midterm elections.

    By now, it’s pretty clear that America has stepped up with a record turn out for a midterm election to make a statement to those in power:

    “You suck. Now go home.”

    There’s a number of good things that have come as result. The most hateful member of Congress, Rick Santorum has been decisively run out of town.

    Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been shown the door by one of his biggest fans, Our Dear Leader, who is now forced to cave into the public’s will. You know, like democracy.

    This reaffirms my faith that I may not have to move to Montana and start my own micronation and matching militia. Of course, now I’ll have to find another use for those 200 black berets with small red stars.

    Locally, my home state has elected its first ever African-American governor, and in landslide fashion. Deval Patrick carried possible definable category, across income levels, with exception to those identifying themselves as strongly conservatives. The only other group that was considered strong for the Republican candidate Kerry Healey was white protestants. The great margin she had with that group was 50%.

    America has awakened. And she has spoken.

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    1. Hank said on 2006.11.09 at 11:35 am


      One interesting point I saw was that the President mentioned he was “disappointed” in the election results.

      I am not sure how he would have us take that. How can one be disappointed that the people said what they wanted, regardless of whether he agrees with the outcome or not?

      About the only way I can see to take that is “I am disappointed that the results did not turn out how I think they should have.” I take this as a statement of arrogance.

      Is President Bush “disappointed” in the populace and their poor decision-making abilities?

    2. Hank said on 2006.11.09 at 11:35 am

      Other comment...

      Just noticed something related to the site software.

      When I hit the “Preview” button on a comment, my comment is shown without line breaks (although it does wrap).

      The actual comment, when posted, does have the line breaks included. This makes it a less than accurate preview, since it does not really show how the comment will look when posted.

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