1. Hitting it big on the Internets

    brian on 2006.11.12
    at 08:22 pm

    A friend of mine from Apple is friends with a bunch of young guys. These guys made a website. People liked it. Most people have never heard of it, though. These guys came in several times to the store, and I helped them with their Macs a handful of times. They were all very pleasant. I didn’t recognize them at that point, except Aaron, who I had met at a Berkman meeting with Dave Winer.

    One day, my friend Emilie brought back a 12” PowerBook to me with some Reddit stickers on it. She asked if I could make some small repair to it, saying it was for a friend. I did, of course, and handed it back to her. I asked “Hey, what’s your friend’s connection to Reddit?”

    “Oh, he and a couple of my other friends made it. You’ve heard of it?”

    “Yes. Of course, I’m a web geek.”

    “Cool! They’ll be so happy you’ve heard of them, I’ll tell them!”

    When I came out of the back, trailing Emilie on her way to hand the machine back, I then realized I had helped the other guys a handful of times in the past.

    Of course, now a few more people have now heard of Reddit. Those pleasant people were acquired by CondeNast on Halloween.

    Good for them. Nice to see nice things happen to nice people. Of course, many of you would cry if you knew how young these guys are. Then again, Aaron was the co-author of the RSS 2.0 spec at age 15. He’s an old man now compared to then.

    Here are two of Aaron’s blogposts on the acquisition:

    and a summary of the news from around the techworld:

    Good Luck to them.

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    1. Aukcje said on 2006.11.24 at 02:44 pm


      Thanks for this article!

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