1. Cell phones can now be unlocked.

    jake on 2006.11.26
    at 09:39 pm

    While a lot of the exemptions are narrow focused and make me sad the cell phone unlocking is a good deal. It’s nice to know that the Librarian of Congress agrees with me.

    “This is a noninfringing activity by the user… The purpose of the software lock appears to be limited to restricting the owner’s use of the mobile handset to support a business model, rather than to protect access to a copyrighted work itself.”

    Starting tomorrow everyone can receive a phone through any carrier and unlock it without fear of repercussion. Once unlocked you can take your phone to another cell provider. Sadly this does not seem to prevent lock in to a network, so Verizon and Sprint could possibly still restrict you in other nefarious ways.

    The absolutely terrible DMCA does not apply to cell phone lock in. Hooray and goodnight!

    Cell phone unlocking legal (for three years) (from Phonescoop)

    Update: Cory’s not as enthusiastic…

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