1. Upcoming trip to AU/NZ: Part 1

    jake on 2006.12.26
    at 11:15 pm

    In just a few days I’ll finally be making my trip to Australia and New Zealand. I will try and keep updating here as things progress. Especially as things become more solid and organized. Most of today has been spent working out details on doing a video blog of the trip. Kate has done many small video projects in the past and we hope to combine my tech knowledge and her video knowledge into short clips to keep people back home updated.

    Naturally a lot of the tech side of things is simply posting the videos after we’ve edited them. So the first thing I’m trying to accomplish is generating a Quicktime video to post to and cross-posting it here and on Kate’s site. Her site functions fine but since I created all the scripts here it’s not as simple as her Wordpress blog. We’ll see if I have enough time to figure it out while I’m packing and doing many other preparations…

    Update: After a bit of playing, and testing this post in ecto I successfully cross posted to Re¢ently with The code they insert is a little sloppy but I’m just happy that it’s functional. And now maybe Brian can use Marsedit without any issues. ;)

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