1. Idea for MP3 Car Stereo Listeners

    brian on 2006.12.28
    at 08:31 pm

    Something occurred to me tonight, it may be obvious to any one in this situation, but bear with me, I needed a test post from MarsEdit to see if our XMLRPC is finally working.

    Normally, if I’m not listing to my iPod, I do enjoy a number of quality radio stations in the Boston area. WBUR, WGBH, WERS to name a few. However, my ’07 VW Rabbit has an in-dash 6-CD player, which can read mp3 files. Today I tested it for the first time, and it worked as expected. It also has the nice touch of displaying the artist and song names from the MP3’s ID 3 tags. I also loaded in an audio CD. It worked as well, but of course, audio CDs don’t have ID tags.

    So, considering the advantages of ID3 tags, and that you can get considerably more music onto an MP3 CD (between 2 and 10 times more) it would behoove you to burn your favorite CDs to MP3… if you’re into high fidelity, burn your MP3s at 256 or 320kbps. 320 is nearly indistinguishable from CDs to the vast, vast majority of people, and yet a CD track runs 1400kbps… you can see the space savings. Then multiply, in my case, by 6 CD capacity. That’s a lot of music you can hold without ever ejecting a CD.

    The added bonus is that if your in-dash disc changer ever croaks, you’ve only lost CD-R copies of your discs, no big loss. Always head the golden rule, backup, backup, backup.

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