1. Mac and TiVo Users Rejoice: You're Screwed!

    brian on 2007.01.09
    at 02:26 am

    Tivo to Go ImageThe biggest insult to Mac users who are also TiVo users wasn’t that we’ve gone without TiVoToGo software while Windows users had it for free. Nope.

    The biggest insult (beside the $800 price tag plus additional subscription charges for a Series III which is simply insulting to any human being) is that TiVo has released MacTivoToGo today… but it costs $99. And is still free for PC users.

    Dear TiVO, drop dead. I’m not buying a Series III, I’m not buying MTTG (which wouldn’t even work on a Series III) and perhaps the only other money you’ll ever get out of me is a trickle of the coin I drop into my Comcast subscription.

    It’s a damn shame. TiVO should be a much a better company. They should compare to Apple: make awesome products and have an awesome community supporting you. But their business practices are downright unethical.

    It’s no wonder you’re always on the verge of going out of business: you have no idea what you’re doing. You’re floundering about like a fish out of water. I’ll no longer shed a tear if you go bankrupt. Hopefully an intelligent company will hire your designers and programmers. Or, God willing, someone will snap up your company, hand out pink slips to your whole business team, and keep your brand, selling your wonderful and innovative products at reasonable prices.

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