1. Famous Last Words on Apple Product Releases

    brian on 2007.01.11
    at 09:46 pm

    Most Dugg Comment on iPhone - click to enlarge

    Most Dugg comment on the iPhone post on Digg.

    THIS SUCKS MONKEY BUTT! This is the only reason I’d buy an iPhone. On my Palm, I have all kinds of apps, VPN client, a SSH Client for connecting to my servers, bowling, and other stuff. Not opening this up is a death sentence! – Digg Commenter

    First Slashdot Post on the Original iPod Announcement - click to enlarge

    History Lesson – First Slashdot Posting on the iPod circa 2001 by Rob Malda, creator of Slashdot.

    No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame. – Rob Malda

    Scoble's notes on AppleTV - click to enlarge

    Scoble announces AppleTV is DOA:

    Is the Apple TV only 720p HD? That really, really, really sucks. If that’s true this thing is dead on arrival. Apple, the entire industry is ahead of you if that’s true. – Robert Scoble

    Are we detecting a pattern? I thought I’d just document this for history’s sakes.

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