1. Initial Summary: Trip to AU/NZ Part 2

    jake on 2007.01.11
    at 11:04 pm

    There has been two primary reasons why I have not posted here while on my trip down under. The first is that I’ve only gotten short spurts of internet access at fairly high prices. The second is that these spurts have all involved poorly updated versions of IE6. No wonder there are so many zombies in the wild. No one updates anything except the software they install to restrict functions you’re allowed to do. A couple computers I tied to use wouldn’t even let me open multiple browser windows.

    Of course you don’t really want to hear me rant about how hard it is to post. But I will add that I’m currently using an old version of Netscape and IE6 to post this since they both have bugs that won’t allow me to do certain things.

    The trip started poorly with my cold fighting me for the whole 20+ hours of flying. Since I’m still alive, I must have kept enough whining to myself.

    The Sydney fireworks were pretty darn sweet. The drunken fights breaking out and people stumbling over us was not. Now that I’ve done it once, I’m not sure I have to do it again. Though sitting out on a boat would most likely be fun for the show.

    The next couple days were spent exploring and slowly getting more sick.

    Once we arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand I stopped fighting on my own. I let Kate go wander around and I sat in a 24-hour clinic waiting room for a few hours. The result, I had a sinus infection and a new prescription. So now I was also not allowed to consume alcohol for the next ten days. Things were looking up. ;)

    The Contiki tour started pretty well. And after a few days I started to feel better. Though it was very difficult to reject all the drinks offered to me.

    The many sites we visited included; Queenstown, where I bungy jumped, Fox Glacier, which I climbed, and Milford Sound, where I stood up on deck with the captain and saw many picturesque views. I will slowly post more intricate posts on the many things I/we did on this fun trip when I return and have better internet access.

    I’m currently in the last leg and pondering ways to not leave. But when I do return home I’ll have lots of pictures for flickr and hopefully a handful of posts detailing some of the more interesting events.

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