1. Now with Twitter

    brian on 2007.01.15
    at 02:53 am

    I’m now a Twitter user. Thus far I’ve set it up to display on the front page of my homepage, and I’ve setup IM updating, so I can IM a twitter bot and have it automatically update. Very cool.

    Twitter people: you should totally set this up to integrate with Facebook, because your whole service does the exact same thing as their “status.”

    I hope to integrate my Twitter status on this and my other blog, as well. For now, I don’t see me using it on my cell phone. Do you have Twitter? If so, leave a comment and I’ll add you to my list!


    Got the second blog up and running already. :-)

    A terribly cute blue bird is the Twitterific by Iconfactory

    Update 2:

    Apparently the Mac world is in love with Twitter. Example one, Twitterific, a little psuedo-app for Mac OS X allowing interactivity with the Twitter service. And Example two is Chitter, a plug-in to iChat that combines your away messages with your Twitter status, which is frankly brilliant.

    At the moment Twitterific is at 1.0 but a lot of people can’t seem to get it to post, although they can read from it. And Chitter is pre-1.0. Nascent. But very promising.

    Plus Twitterific has the cutest icon, ever.

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    1. Angad said on 2007.02.02 at 03:41 am


      I signed up with twitter, but the IMing part doesn’t really sound cool to me.
      The SMS part did seem like a god send except I’d have to pay international rates as I reside in India.

      Good for you though!

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