1. The journey home: Trip to AU/NZ Part 3

    jake on 2007.02.03
    at 01:20 am

    Now that I’m home it’s not so easy to find time and motivation to write thoughts down. Probably because the stories are orally regurgitated many times. There are still plans to record chunks of activities in future posts.


    Jake posing on Fox GlacierIt also doesn’t help that I took 500+ photos. I sifted down to 260 and just today completed tagging and organizing all of them on flickr. One thing that’s always forgotten is that while the scenery and locations are exciting and new the people are also a large influence. I never take enough photos of the people surrounding me. I had a phenomenal traveling companion and the group we went through New Zealand with was great. There’s no issue with the pictures I returned with. I only would love even more shots of the people involved with the trip.

    Maybe someone else who took some more people pictures will upload theirs.

    Another 48 Hours: The return home.

    Leaving the lovely company and the lovely weather was very difficult. Even more so than the extra traveling. In the past I’ve always had issues with planes. Now a little anti motion sickness medicine and my hang ups have disappeared.

    A short hop to Sydney and I was off for the states. A couple hours after take off, and shortly after I became accustomed to the little boy flailing his elbows around, the captain comes over the intercom. The sensors indicate a fire in one of the cargo holds. Stand by for more information.

    Within five minutes he has returned with a new message. There did not seem to be an actual fire. Safety required him however to fire the extinguishers. And that required an emergency landing. Passengers in American Samoa TerminalHello American Samoa…

    Our luggage will be left behind. We sit and wait for eight hours. I read a bit. I try not to sleep since I’m going to be dealing with jetlag when I do finally get home. This is made more difficult by the hot, humid weather and lack of air conditioning.

    Onward to Hawaii we go. Our captain informs us that a drunken police officer whining about customs held us up a couple extra hours. Things are now becoming less eventful. After calling Kate to fill her in and my parents to let them know I won’t be in New York as scheduled I go information gathering. I also started making friends with my fellow refugees which relieved some stress.

    I find out that there will be no more flights that day once our new crew and new 747 arrive in San Francisco. Instead I will stay overnight and fly out at 6:10am first class. Now that doesn’t sound so bad.

    In San Francisco I finally get to shower and I hang up my clothes to air out. Three hours of sleep later I’m back on the shuttle and off to New York first class. First class was fairly disorienting. My day old clothes did not mesh with all the passengers who paid for their tickets. The thing appreciated the most was the personal DVD player that allowed me to pick a couple movies I actually wanted to see. Thank God I didn’t have to sit through The Guardian again.

    My dad picked me up at JFK, almost as planned originally. And based on the return time it was roughly 7am back in Hobart. Considering I was sent off on a shuttle at 8:25am. That meant just about two full days of travel.

    In the next installment I will be going back to the beginning and moving a few days at a time with each new post. At least theoretically anyway.

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    1. Tyler said on 2007.02.05 at 06:57 pm


      Nice Jake. I enjoyed your photos. So many breathtaking sights!! I wanna go!!

      With little Mini Me on the way, it’s gonna be difficult for me to do too many more “guys trips”, but maybe in 30 years when our kids are all in college we can do some serious traveling.

      Right on.

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