1. I can see my house from heeeere... Trip to AU/NZ Part 4

    jake on 2007.02.24
    at 03:06 pm

    One of the many activities I participated in while in New Zealand was bungy jumping. I’ve never been averse to intentionally leaving the safety of a bridge but my companion didn’t think I would do it. So like Marty McFly I let that dictate my actions. My mind was set and I walked to the edge and leaped.

    I purchase a DVD of the event and a quick email gave me the permission required to share it. Below is a quick clip I made including some extra, descriptive text. The location is Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, NZ. It is where A J Hackett created commercial bungy jumping with Henry van Asch.

    A larger version is housed at the site I set up to share some videos that never materialized from the trip. What do you expect? We were too busy having fun. ;)

    They’re coming slow but maybe I can get the rest of my trip up here before 2008.

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