1. Still Hate MySpace

    brian on 2007.03.11
    at 12:40 pm

    When last I left you, I had decided to join the social website evolution, and sign up for both Facebook and MySpace. Tellingly, MySpace was so broken that day that I never signed up, and I wrote a lengthy post to both whine about that and praise Facebook, which is a worthy waste of time.

    Time has past since that post, and now the update. I’ve endured every roadblock that NewsCorp has laid in my way, and joined MySpace too. And it sucks every bit as much as I thought it did before actually using it. I’m not surprised.


    What does surprise me is the level of suckiness that comes from MySpace’s IT. Their servers really suck. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran on Windows. Every third page I attempt to load fails due to a server gasping for air. You’d think NewsCorp could spring for a couple extra 386 boxes for Tom to cram into his studio apartment. At least, that’s where I think this shit box is hosted. Unbelievable.

    OK, now that I have that out of my system (you know, “I’m right, but they’re billionaires anyway.”) I’d like to say I have reconnected with some old friends on there and I’m happy about that. However, the communications have already worn thin. So this may just have fizzled out quickly.

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