1. Apple buffs marketing savvy to a high shine.

    brian on 2007.03.11
    at 11:27 pm

    Apple buffs marketing savvy to a high shine – Yahoo! News:

    “Put on a show. Tech companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Oracle and Adobe stage splashy events to unveil products, be it an operating system or software upgrade. Only Apple consistently succeeds in turning those kinds of events into headlines, because of Jobs’ endless devotion to fine-tuning. ‘Steve works harder than almost any CEO at being the master showman,’ Yoffie says.

    Most CEOs, says Charles Wolf, an analyst for Needham & Co., go on stage with an endless round of platitudes. ‘Steve leaves all the crap out of his presentation and focuses on what’s important,’ Wolf says.

    Says Markman: ‘What he does that few communicators do is leave things out. He starts with what he wants people to remember and works backward.’”

    (emphasis added)

    Work hard. Don’t BS. Good strategies, both.

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