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    brian on 2007.03.13
    at 02:07 am

    I just finished watching “Blogumentary” a film by Chuck Olsen. You may recognize that name if you’ve watched Rocketboom, where he is an occasional contributor, or if you’re really into the vlogs, he is also Minnesota Stories.

    In truth, I was bored and had had the Google Video Player link sitting on my desktop for about two months staring up at me “Blogumentary.gvp” as if it were lonely. Other icons came and went, but this one held fast. I figured I’d give it a click, be bored after five minutes and be able to finally toss that sorry file into the trash can.

    Chuck Olsen, Blogumentary Maker

    One hour five minutes later, that didn’t happen.

    I’d like to recommend this film to people in our audience who fall in to two categories. First, if there’s anyone in the audience who has a blog they don’t write at much, or perhaps someone who is thinking about writing one. Maybe you use Facebook or MySpace, or maybe you just casually read some blogs, but you’re not an alpha-blog-geek. Perhaps you’re a professionally trained writer and you’re tempted to “do the right thing” and start a blog. I encourage you to watch the film. I think you’ll get a great background in blogs, and be inspired.

    Second, if you were a fan of the Howard Dean presidential campaign, you’ll really enjoy the section on the first campaign blog (Howard’s) and how the internet changed the face of American politics forever. Includes significant and insightful interview time with Joe Trippi, and footage inside the Dean HQ. Makes me want to cry this many years later, how much promise that campaign had, all ruined by a media smear campaign that may not be matched again in my lifetime. Coverage starts at about the 40 minute mark. Don’t think this is an unbalanced documentary, though. Chuck spends equal time with the people who think the New York Times is in the business of printing Democratic propaganda and that Democrats rule the media — the guys at

    [Transgression: This has nothing to do this the movie, skip to the next paragraph before this gets ugly… Question: if the Democrats have free reign in the media, then how would they have let it get this bad? Why would Democrats continue to look like bozos? People who think this also think people who believe climate change is a real threat have a hidden agenda. Yah, they’re going to get rich saving those spotted owls… somehow… and when we figure it out…]

    I don’t really have more to say about the film other than it was excellent. I encourage anyone to see it, if you are a web geek, you’ll see and hear “famous” web people in the flesh, instead of in phosphor, which is cool in and of itself. Go watch now. The video quality was excellent and the streaming of the data was flawless over WiFi to my beloved MacBookPro.

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