1. Don't expose yourself on Facebook.

    jake on 2007.03.18
    at 04:04 pm

    One of Facebook’s most exciting features is the news-feed. Whenever someone updates their information you get a little notice in your feed. Myspace on the other hand requires you to visit every friend’s page individually to find out one little tidbit of information has changed. Perhaps I’ve just been spoiled by RSS/Atom but I find that to be a big deal.

    The one issue that might crop up is that different people want to share different information. When the feature was first released many users grabbed their torches and pitchforks. This struck me as funny since all this information was already available.

    Luckily there is a solution to this imaginary conundrum. Change the security settings. The information covers more than just the mini-feed and I’d recommend evaluating how much you want to share before following it verbatim.

    Personally I left plenty of things exposed but who wants a secret getting to the wrong people?

    Found at Lifehacker

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