1. What to do at An Event Apart Boston

    brian on 2007.03.25
    at 11:50 pm

    major UPDATE!

    Yeah, clearly, I cannot read simple tables. I thought there was two tracts, but clearly I am an idiot. So the below list of courses are one’s I’m looking forward to, not just the ones I’m attending, because I’m attending all of them. The upside is I get to see everything! (So I’ve re-written the post so that it makes sense.)

    Twelve hours out from An Event Apart Boston, and I’m trying to plan out what sessions I’m going to attend. It’s not easy.

    As of right now, this is my tentative schedule.

    • Good vs. Great DesignCameron Moll Looking forward to seeing Cameron in person!

    *Secrets of CSS JediEric Meyer This will be an in-depth exploration of how CSS really works, and how this knowledge can make your work easier.

    • Writing the User InterfaceJeffrey Zeldman :: I’ve never seen the “Z-man” in person (He probably couldn’t pick me out of a line up, though. But why would he need to?) so this should be great. That and the topic is really interesting, the idea of writing as design, which I think receives much less attention than it deserves.
    • Redesigning Your Way Out of a Paper BagJason Santa Maria :: We’re in the midsts of redesigning one of our sites at work (due out soon) and am interested.
    • The Web Usability DietSteve Krug :: Let’s see what Steve has to say. I really enjoyed reading his book when I first got seriously interested in usability.
    • Selling DesignJeffrey Zeldman :: The most successful designers can sell their ideas, not just make them beautiful. Z is certainly one of the best sellers of design out there, and I’m interested in hearing how.
    • Interface Design JugglingDan Cederholm :: I’m always reading about how hard Dan works on his presentations, so I feel I should see how they turn out. Forget that his work is some of the finest examples of understated elegance, executed in fine CSS, available.

    Wow, what a murderer’s row. I’m excited. I’m likely not to attend the post-conference party Monday night, since I live locally, won’t have anything to do during the hour gap between the end of the last session and the party, and thus I’ll be pretty wiped with the hour T commute both ways. So if you want to talk to me (I’m very popular) you’ll want to find me during the day. If the WiFi is good, I should also be twittering, so hopefully you can follow me on my Twitter feed.

    Looking forward to tomorrow.

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