1. National Geographic Doesn't Understand Podcasts

    brian on 2007.04.11
    at 12:06 am

    I really enjoy the content National Geographic produces. They create some amazing things. However, they need to learn about podcasting.

    I’ve been listening to NatGeo podcasts for a couple weeks now, and boy do they bug me. There’s some great content in there, but to get to it, you have to listen to a deluge of blaring orchastral music (many times louder than NPR, and the music isn’t nearly as interesting) then you have to listen to a host with a near-characterization of a radio voice advertise the upcoming topics which will happen in about five minutes. Of course, they would be happening now if we weren’t listening to this damn list of story pitches.

    Then they mix in some lame segments where they talk really briefly to someone who talks as if he’s in his early 20s… as far as I can tell, that’s his only reason for being… they must think only teens listen?

    My advice, if I were asked how to improve the NatGeo podcasts: drop the intros, or make them just the titles of the segments, shorten the music until its just long enough to serve it’s purpose of story-spacer. Stop the radio-announcer impression, and speak as if I had your voice in my ear bud… which is to say, as if you had something cool to read me out of the National Geographic Magazine. Express the famous National Geographic personality that makes your magazine so great. Don’t pretend to be Fox telling NatGeo stories.

    To summarize, relax. You’re on the internet.

    FWIW – I’ve only been listening to the NatGeo News Podcast. There are several others also available that I have not listened to.

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