1. Even Doogtoons thinks I talk too much.

    jake on 2007.06.01
    at 08:20 pm

    One of the many podcasts I subscribe to is from Doogtoons. Filled with animated shorts it’s always a good time. How can you not love the Ask A Ninja crossovers? Or the music video for Weird Al’s Trapped in the Drive-Thru?

    Last week Doog assembled a couple guys, including his brother, and they discussed what happened over the last seven days. Mostly they prattled on about Spider-Man 3 and a bunch of other movies. I gave them a literary pat on the back through email and made a few… dozen… or so… points about Spidey.

    On this week’s show they spent the first few minutes attempting to parse through my rant. They didn’t make it. But I commend their efforts. I enjoyed the first show more than the second but they’re just getting started. Go subscribe to the new Weekly Wrapup, audio podcast and maybe you too can have your email read “on the air.”

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