1. File trading may fund terrorism?

    jake on 2003.03.17
    at 03:25 pm

    Next? Parking in handicapped spaces funds terrorism.

    According to an article I found via Yahoo! file sharing could be a contributer to terrorism. While it could be possible that actual software piracy accomplishes this, where a copy is made of a piece of software and sold on the black market, there is no way to say that downloading mp3's off of Kazaa promotes terrorism. There seems to be a distinction, but as pointed out on Kur5hin it is lost on the congressmen involved.

    But when subcommittee chairman Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican, asked Malcolm for examples of cases where file trading was connected to terrorism, Malcolm said he couldn't give concrete examples. "It would surprise me greatly if the number were not large," Malcolm added. "This is an easy enterprise to get into; the barriers of entry are very small, and the profits are huge."

    I'm not even sure this came outta left field. More like behind the concessions stand, next to that little pile of goo that someone just stepped in.

    Malcolm also called the creators of "warez" file-trading networks organized criminals, although he admitted warez fans aren't motivated by money. Many warez groups, who distribute pirated commercial software over the Internet, operate in a very organized fashion, Malcolm said, with a hierarchy based on how much individual members contribute to the group. Much of the pirated material on the Internet comes from warez groups, Malcolm suggested.

    Of course people involved with warez groups aren't interested in money. The whole friggin' idea is to get something for free.

    I am at a loss as to what the deal is here. How is crashing a plane into an office building and downloading WindowsXP for nothing synonymous? The simple fact that stealing a piece of software can be compared to stealing a person's life is disgusting to me. Until there is solid proof that a warez group is giving money to terrorists, copyright issues should be left out of this whole discussion...

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