1. Myspace allows pound sign (#) for bands.

    jake on 2007.06.21
    at 11:33 am

    Yesterday I was helping Kate out by tweaking the Myspace page for her radio program in Tassie. I discovered that, unlike on personal pages1, on a band’s page you can actually use the pound sign (#) in the edit boxes. This opens up a handful more hooks into the tag soup that is Myspace. My hatred level just went down .01 points.

    It’s no secret that Myspace makes me want to turn off my Internet. Facebook is better even though their new 3rd party applications are allowing morons, with a day of programming experience, to port over terrible Myspace features (I also like Virb)…

    But this means that when they were writing up the code for bands section they might have learned something from all the mistakes they made on personal pages. This isn’t exactly a revelation akin to them hiring some actual professionals to redesign and rewrite their code. But if you’re fighting with their code on a band (and possibly a film?) page at least you know about this one extra hook.

    1 For some help with personal pages go to Mike or Henrik.

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