1. Who Should Fear Apple?

    brian on 2007.06.25
    at 03:18 pm

    Riddle me this: Why is Apple’s iTunes server named “Phobos?” Phobos - a Moon of Mars - NASA

    It struck me the other day as I was working on a podcast because I was pasting in our podcast’s iTunes URL to the blog post that it didn’t say what I thought it had said. All this time I thought said “Phonos” not “Phobos.”

    Phono, Phon –
    from Greek phone ‘sound.’
    Phobos –
    named after one of the sons of the Greek war god Ares . The name means literally ‘fear.’
    (source: Oxford American Dictionaries Mac OS X application.)

    So who should fear Apple’s iTunes server?

    Should it be their competition in the music selling space? Should it be the music industry, whose business model has been turned on its head by the iTunes model? Should it be competition in the digital music player market? Should it be whomever pays Apple bandwidth bill?

    Who do you think should fear Apple’s iTunes server?

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    1. Jeff Byrnes said on 2007.06.26 at 08:47 pm

      who should fear?

      Everyone who distributes music for profit?

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