1. Michael Vick Is Inhumane (probably)

    brian on 2007.07.18
    at 11:51 am

    If Michael Vick is found guilty, then I think he should hang. Or be electrocuted. Or his body slammed on the ground until he dies. Or death by firing squad.

    These are the ways federal officials accuse Vick of killing numerous dogs that were otherwise raised to participate in dog fights – usually battles to the death.

    So, in the same vein, I guess it would be OK if we treated Vick like a bull in a ring – stabbed until he succumbs to death.

    I guess you could say I have zero tolerance for animal cruelty. Do unto others…

    Instead, I doubt he’ll serve a minute in jail, pay a fine that may not even amount to one day’s salary for him, and the NFL will likely give him couple days off as “punishment.”

    I suggest instead that he be banned from professional sports and his fortune given to charity. May I suggest the ASCPA?

    (this is a little off topic for this blog, but this is something I feel strongly about, and I have more readers here than on my other, anything-goes blog. Also, thx to Jess for bringing the story to my attention initially. )

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