1. Google Documents API Released

    brian on 2007.08.09
    at 12:33 am

    Google Documents API Released

    This new API, which re-uses the Google Data API (GData) framework, can be used to upload documents or to grab a list of existing documents. Full text search for grabbing particular documents is supported too…

    Couple questions. One: how long until I have an app that allows me to sync to Google Docs certain docs I have in, say a specific folder? Two: considering this was publicly announced one day before iWork ’08 shipped, and said productivity suite offers support for tons of document formats, and Pages now sports a (Word-compatible) “track changes” option, why is there not an option to export/import or preferably sync with Google Docs?

    Imagine the backup options alone! Forget about the collaboration, even!

    So much potential… iWork’08 sync with Google Docs and Spreadsheets! Now!

    I’d rather do this than put Google AdSense in my iWeb pages.

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