1. Q: Who are "Overland Experts?"

    brian on 2001.12.23
    at 02:40 pm

    or, "Look what I found in my backyard."

    A: They’re how National Geographic gets to the “Geographic” in a given “Nation”
    So while working with the fam at the hardware store, one of my favorite diversions is watching out our giant front windows which view the parking lot and Halls Road (US rt1) at the multitudes of passing cars. Anyone reading this who knows me knows I’m a bit of a automobile enthusiast. They also know I have issues with the hordes of SUVs on America’s roadways. The more informed ones know I am also fascinated by real-life off-highway vehicles, like the ones that reside off road with the purpose of getting people to remote areas. On paved roads in the hands of soccer moms they are a down right danger. Off highway, on unpaved roads and trails, in the hands of experts, they are an invaluable tool.

    Thus, when I saw two Rovers outfitted for expedition on two different days in our lot (one Land-, one Range-), I was more than curious. Seeing the second one, I noticed a URL,, I wrote it down as fast as I could. Today I visited the Overland Experts and found out that a world-class expedition trainer, outfitter, and leader resides only a few short miles north of here, in Hadlyme, CT. Sweet.

    I’ve always been elured by backcountry expeditions. These guys actually do this stuff. They recently took NatGeo to the north of Vietnam. I think it’d be fascinating and thoroughly entertaining to be the driver of part of a wilderness expedition. Well these guys do that for a living. I hope they come back to the store soon, so I can pick their brains…

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