1. A Holiday in Ireland: Summary.

    jake on 2007.09.20
    at 02:15 am

    I recently returned from a quick and action packed holiday in Ireland. There was actually a fairly quick gestation period between agreeing to partake and boarding the plane. After my mom exhausted all other options she came to me (a second time) and I figured I’d better go. I was now signed up as chauffeur and general practitioner of “guy things,” like moving heavy luggage.

    Driving was not much of an issue. Shifting with my left hand was a little uneasy but I got the hang of it. Though there was a bit of an issue in using turn signals. The lever is on the same side of the steering wheel (the left) so I had to get used to doing one thing and then the other. In The States I usually just reach out a couple fingers to flick the turn signal whether shifting or not.

    The majority of destinations were new to me. And at repeated locations we did new activities. So all around it was fresh and exciting.

    Dublin (Baile Átha Cliath)

    St Patrick\'s Cathedral With our plane landing here early in the morning it logically was the initial destination. The first day was very slow paced. We met our distant relative Betty at The Gresham Hotel and had a long lunch. And after locating some maps and a SIM card for my phone we pretty much called it a night.

    Before heading to Galway we made a stop at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Then based on a tip from our cabbie we also visited Dublinia up the street.

    Galway (Gaillimh)

    After a long drive across the country we hit Galway. Well technically our bed and breakfast was in Spiddal (An Spidéal), a little further west. The first night was largely a bust after the long drive. Plus our B&B fell through but the owner kindly found us an alternate.

    Music at the Crossroads The following day we did manage to get up to Cong in Co Mayo, the region The Quiet Man was filmed. After meeting a nice German couple we got back into Galway for our show, Music at the Crossroads. Also I acquired a large portion of Irish language books.

    Cashel (Caiseal Mumhan)

    Cashel was all about family. Well mostly all about family. Again we visited the Laffey’s for an evening of laughter and abuse (for me), from the kids, all in good fun. And they pointed us to an Aunt who lived nearby and raises horses.

    Killarney (Cill Airne)

    Muckross House Killarney, the final destination, was as touristy as I had imagined. But with visiting the Muckross House and getting Mom and Grandma to have their first and second pints of Guinness, respectively, it was worth it.

    The second day in Killarney was entirely eaten up by a trip around the Ring of Kerry. Very picturesque countryside… and loads of buses.

    Shortly there will be more expansive descriptions of each major destination. There are many stories to tell of the trip. Hopefully I can convey their emotions.

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    1. Ty said on 2007.09.21 at 02:52 pm

      I SO want to go back to Ireland now. It was two years ago exactly that we were there on our honeymoon. We visited many of the same places you did. Here’s a rundown of our trip in order of where we stayed, if I can remember correctly:

      • Dublin
      • Kilkenny (Oh my God, they killed Kenny! You bastards!!)
      • Kinsale (visiting Cashel on the way)
      • Kilarney
      • Clifden
      • Galway and Spiddal
      • Kinvarra
      • Dromoland Castle in Co. Claire
      • Back to Dublin

      Hope you get more stuff posted soon. I’ll check out your pics on flickr after this. Here’s a link to my pics from the honeymoon.

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