1. Dublin (Baile Átha Cliath): A Holiday in Ireland

    jake on 2007.09.26
    at 12:04 am

    I’ve been to Dublin before. It mostly involved a hop-on/hop-off tour. My brothers and I got soaked on the open, upper level section of the bus. This time it was nothing but sun.

    Meandering Arrival

    The journey into Dublin was my first experience driving. Sadly our directions were a bit oversimplified and I missed the exit and ended up going through the Dublin Port Tunnel. €12 in tolls later we made it to our hotel.

    Dublin Spire The majority of the afternoon was spent having lunch and tea with our distant relative Betty. She told us stories and kept referencing how my grandmother reminded her of one of her sisters.

    After locating a detailed map of the country we moved on to locating a local SIM card for my mobile. Initially I tried the O2 store right off of O’Connell Street but they didn’t have any SIM cards. Before running down the street by myself I inquired with a young lady working at Meteor across the way. She gave me some information and mentioned that Meteor) is Ireland based and owned by eircom, the original state based phone company (sadly I discovered later that eircom is now part of a holdings company based in Australia). I grabbed my SIM and we jumped on a bus back to the hotel.

    St Patrick’s Cathedral and Christchurch Cathedral

    Inside St Patrick's Cathedral St Patrick’s Cathedral was the first historic stop before we departed the city. Surprisingly there are many monuments to influential people throughout the ages. Most notable was Jonathan Swift and Turlough Carolan. Carolan was noted as the last, influential, wandering bard in Ireland.

    Jake in a helmet Based on a tip from our cab driver we headed up the street to Dublinia, an exhibit adjacent and connected to Christ Church Cathedral. There are many exhibits telling of life in medieval Dublin. The arrival of the Vikings. The terrible plagues (including a death cart, ‘Bring out yer dead!’). General snapshots of the past. Definitely a recommended stop for any traveler.

    With a quick trip to pick up the car and we were off, a little later than planned, to Galway.

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    1. Tyler said on 2007.09.26 at 01:12 pm

      I notice you’ve got a photo of the Spire of Dublin up there. When we took a “hop-on, hop-off” tour like you mentioned, also on the top level of the tourbus, we were told that it’s lovingly nicknamed the “Stiletto in the Ghetto” by locals!

      You got a lot of good history on your visit to Dublin. The two main places we visited were the Guinness brewery at St. James’ Gate and the Old Jameson distillery (you can see where my priorities were lying at the time). Dublinia looks fun. A real death cart! Wow! I like the photo of you wearing the chain-mail helmet thingy on your flickr page.

      Oh yeah, and good on ya for driving in Dublin! I was intimidated enough driving in the countryside, let alone the cities! In fact, we got a flat tire (or tyre, as they spell it) 20 minutes after picking up our rental car!!

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