1. GMail goes IMAP and Brian goes Mobile

    brian on 2007.10.24
    at 03:16 am

    Not that this is a tech news blog, but Google is quietly rolling out IMAP support in GMail, both in regular and hosted, “Google Apps for your domain” accounts. (And if you didn’t notice, doubled your storage capacity)

    It was a race for me personally, between a mobile version being available for my Google hosted email (for or IMAP. I figured if they were going to do IMAP, they would have done it by now, plus they already had a mobile friendly version of regular GMail, not to mention iPhone-specific interfaces Google Calendar and iPhone-friendly (if not exactly “specific”) for Google Reader.

    Guess I was wrong.

    I guess that also lets the lolzcats out of the bag on some personal technology news: I have an iPhone.

    Many of you out there know I was waiting or rev. 2, but I received the iPhone from (for?) work, so I’m not going to look this gift horse in the mouth (quickly looks anyway – wow! not too shabby for a gift horse!)

    I may still get iPhone rev. 2 and hand down my phone to Amanda, but that’s probably not yet in the cards. I think she may think its a little too much for her usage. If/when the $100 Palm Centro comes to AT&T, she may consider that. She was pretty impressed by it in David Pogues review. And it’s $300 cheaper, in case she drops it.

    I’m sure I’ll blog more about the iPhone in the near future, but for now two notes: it’s pretty freaking cool, and I’m no longer the object of pity from my Apple-employed friends.

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