1. Leopard's Input Buttons Can Have Color?

    jake on 2007.10.30
    at 02:09 am

    Back in college Brian used to randomly proclaim things he was reading online if he thought I’d be interested. He reenacted this over the weekend while I was visiting Boston. He stumbled upon some information involving Leopard’s rendering of submit buttons. Setting a background color removes Safari’s default aqua buttons and produces flat buttons with the declared background color.

    Mr Dominey’s solution of setting a class or removing the styles all together works for restoring the default visuals. But it makes more sense to simply change them from input type="button|submit" to button type="submit". Using button instead of input reaps similar benefits when it comes to inheritance in non Safari browsers too.

    Screenshot of the form test in Safari Beta for Windows Update: I spoke a little hastily last night. Brian thought it best that I test out my theory before mentioning it. Since I don’t have Leopard installed I had to use the Safari beta on Windows. It actually confirmed my hypothesis. Though in the beta Dominey’s solution actually failed. Can anyone take a look in Leopard?

    I also rediscovered that Safari 2 does not handle buttons the same when using the button element. Not too mention IE6’s issues with buttons. They’re still usable but can require a little hacking… but then again what in IE6 doesn’t require a little hacking? ;)

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