1. Apple News - Leopard Release

    brian on 2007.10.31
    at 02:31 am

    Perhaps I should write more about Apple news here. I think now that I’ve been gone from Apple for one full year, I think the kabash on Apple-writing is finally worn off.

    Here’s some stuff that may interest you:

    Leopard – I’m getting my copy tomorrow, but likely won’t install it on my production MacBook Pro until after our conference next week concludes. Last thing I need is some rare bug taking me offline for a half a day or longer… despite how unlikely that is.

    300 New (or improved) Things

    I’m looking forward to QuickLook, Better Spotlight, no Finder network hangs (crosses fingers), Safari 3, unified window styling (goodbye brushed metal) iChatAV updates (recording, sound quality), Back to my Mac, and Screen Sharing. Being friends and family’s tech support just became a lot easier. (actually, I had set up VNC for my Dad when he got DSL, which was awesome for setting some stuff up remotely, I hope the OS version is faster)

    I’ll keep you posted. For now, you should read two things:

    Andy Ihnatko’s What’s Leopard Really Worth is an interesting take on is it worth your money to upgrade to Leopard. What if each component’s upgrade were a stand alone product? Would you buy it?

    Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: the Ars Technica review is your once-an-upgrade über review of the new operating system by John Siracusa. There is absolutely no more in depth review from just about every standpoint imaginable. If you can get through all 17 pages (some rather lengthy, see “Finder,” John’s pet project) in one sitting, I salute you. I’ve read three pages, the Intro, Conclusion and the Finder… and I’ll probably have the rest read sometime before December.

    I imagine TWiT’s MacBreak Weekly will be chocked full of Leopard news… I’ll hear it tomorrow morning on the way into work.

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