1. New Term: IMMC

    brian on 2007.11.09
    at 04:10 pm

    There’s a new term that you should be familiar with on the Internet.

    Definition: When two or more musicians create music together, while recording remotely and sent across the Internet for mixing and additional layering.

    Example: Pretend Postal Service’s “Give Up.” collaboration occurred with digital files transmitted online, instead of through mailing CDs back and forth. That would have been IMMC. Instead the Postal Service used PMMC – Postal-Mediated Musical Collaboration.*

    Thanks to Jeff for providing the context in which I coined this term over IM. You, too, are now part of history.

    * The Postal Service website is so braindead that it delivers the collaboration-via-post story in a deep-linkless Flash presentation, so I can’t actually link to the second page of the biography section. Lame. If you’re interested, you’ll sadly have to dig yourself.

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    1. Jeff Byrnes said on 2007.12.18 at 06:52 am

      I receive a mention?!

      I am honored. Also, I’m lame for only just now noticing this post. Shows how often I look at the Wordpress Dashboard @…

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