1. Cashel (Caiseal Mumhan): A Holiday in Ireland

    jake on 2007.12.03
    at 12:57 pm

    A slightly interesting occurrence on our trip to Cashel was picking up food at ALDI’s. I never realized they are an international store.

    The Rock of Cashel

    Alternate Text We had evening plans so our visit to The Rock of Cashel was fairly short. Parking in the handicap space for my grandmother took almost as long as our visit. The parking spaces are part way up the hill to the front entrance and right along the path everyone walks to get in. We were lucky someone was paying attention to the car sitting there while people walked right through the parking spaces. He waved people around as we pulled in.

    Family Dinner

    We visited the Laffey’s for the second time on this trip. We weren’t the only guests but there was a miscommunication so we ate before arriving. We simply exchanged stories around the dinner table.

    Sign outside the Ashmore House Once it was only the Laffeys and us I was singled out to “play” by three of the four children. This consisted of turning me into a human jungle gym. Initially it was simply Heather getting a piggy-back ride. Then her brothers decided to come after me.

    This consists of; kicking, punches at my groin, throwing objects, tackle attempts, and hitting my legs with a hurley. As I, the giant, finally succumbed Heather hurt her nose on the way down. She started tunning to tell her mother but doubled back instead to get revenge. Her brothers obviously taught her well, she poked me in the eyes like a cartoon character and hit my nose.

    They continued to jump on my back and wrestle me on the ground. I finally had to stop them when Keane grabbed my necklace. I heal, my necklace does not.

    Heading to Killarney (Cill Áirne).

    Cahir As we head to the final destination of our trip we make a couple stops. Before squeezing in Cahir Castle (Caisleán na Cathrach) we pause to meet another distant relative. Ursula is a horse breeder and lives in a house that’s five-hundred years old. She is quite the character and very spry for seventy.

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