1. Plugin To Import Tumblr Posts Into A Textpattern Site

    jake on 2007.12.30
    at 07:50 pm

    Jess, a friend of Brian and I, has had a blog for a few years. And similar to me (and many authors out there) she can be sporadic at times and not post for weeks at a time (Hopefully this has nothing to do with the site needing a refresh).

    Supplementing her blog she’s been posting with Tumblr. Her Tumblog works great for short posts that don’t require a great deal of forethought. Each site handles a different style. Too bad they’re separate.

    To remedy the lack of continuity Brian suggested I build a plugin for her Textpattern site to pull in Tumblr posts. After working on it a couple weekends and going through some testing I’m ready to release my plugin to the masses.

    It is named vag_tumblr_import and now Jess has both sites meshed together. Regardless of where she posts the content is displayed on her primary site.

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