1. Amtrak + WiFi

    brian on 2003.03.21
    at 03:48 pm

    I suppose you'd have to consider me a geek. Today, I wrote Amtrak south to Connecticut. What was my first thought after I sat down in my seat? Well, to "war-train" of course. What the hell is that? Simple. If "war-driving" is using a stumbling device to find WiFi hotspots while driving, then I would do the same with my iBook and "MacStumbler." So far, I've found a number of networks. Unfortunately, the train moves much too fast to actually use any of them (if it didn't, I'd never get to Connecticut). There were rumors about Amtrak adopting WiFi somehow, as a service to their passengers, but I can confirm that that service is not yet available

    I can confirm, however, that way too many people don't creatively name their access point. My log is full of "linksys" and "default." Tis all for now from the rail. (PS- I actually posted this from X. It's not like I posted it from the rail, per se. Though, I did actually type it there.) (PPS- If I had a cell provider that offered GPRS data service, I could have had internet connectivity via that and a bluetooth phone. Unfortunately, my provider is way too slow to catch on, and I'm stuck in a contract.)

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    1. annie mouse said on 2004.11.05 at 08:04 pm

      I have a 3 day Amtrak trip coming up. I'd love to be able access the internet via WiFi but figure hey there's no one in Montana that knows what the internet is let alone WiFi.

    2. Wifi Guru said on 2005.01.24 at 11:10 pm

      Blistering WiFi coming to trains


      I happened upon a company who have trials on trains using something called BPL (broadband over powerline). using patented technology, they get the WiFi signal onto any electric train through the electricity wires making a WiFi hotspot on a train. It looks promising as it will be an always on connection and they are rumoured to be using chipsets in excess of 230Mb/s !!!

      No more slow sattelite Wifi on trains !!

      Company is based in SF, USA and are called IP Everywhere Inc.

      Check them out –

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