1. Twit or Twerp?

    brian on 2008.01.05
    at 01:22 pm

    In this case it’s good to be a twit and bad to be a twerp. This article lays it out–one of a handful I’ve seen recently–so this Twitter-use issue is clearly bugging others in addition to me.

    Are you a Twit or a Twerp –via SteveGarfield of

    Case in point, I’ve been trimming my “following” list to cut out the “twerps.” One recent example is someone I’ve actually met in person, shares two key professional interests with me, is really sharp and friendly. But he would often break all the etiquette rules: tweeting 10 times an hour, having conversations over twitter, psuedo-spamming tweets that advertise every move he makes professionally. Repeat after me: Twitter does not exist to be your spam mechanism.

    The worst part was when he would tweet from church! I’m fine if you want to be open and excited about your faith. But I’m not OK with the play-by-play of the sermon. Four tweets in an hour, all preaching, all from a pew in church? That saddens me. What do his fellow worshippers think when they see him on his phone during the sermon?

    I don’t think that people who are that into church realize that excessive preachiness puts more people off from your faith than attracts to it. And again, Twitter does not exist to be your personal preaching mechanism. Unless you’re a pastor and the point of the account is to spread some faith to your flock. That would actually be a very cool usage of the service! The key here is that the tweet stream would not include tweets from the pastor when he’s annoyed standing inline at the grocery store. It would serve one purpose.

    So, if you want me to follow you on Twitter, be yourself, not a marketer (it’s OK to tell me you’ve launched a new product or made a new blog post so long as it doesn’t make up more than 20% of your content). If you feel there’s an audience for your marketing message via Twitter, please make an account just for that, so that I may opt not to follow it. But if you are interested in me following you, just tell me “What are you doing?”

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