1. Twitter Makes Me Cry

    brian on 2008.01.31
    at 03:03 pm

    Poor Twitter has been offline a lot in the last week. I wish them the best in getting the service back up and running smoothly. It makes their bandwidth partners Joyent and their Sun/OpenSolaris servers look weak, too. Anti-Rails people blame Twitter’s Rails roots, as well. However, it’s most likely that Twitter’s user’s demands are simply outstripping what they’ve purchased from Joyent, but in the end it still looks bad.

    It’s a real shame, because the unreliability prevents Twitter from being a very useful communications channel that can reach your friends where ever they may be: email, IM, client, website, and especially mobile via SMS.

    I’m also worried that they have VC funding, but no (publicly announced) business model yet. How long can something exist without paying the bills? (or in their case, the investors)

    I’m looking forward to a future with a stable and available Twitter!


    Twitter and Joyent Divorce!

    The news came only an hour or so after this blog post!

    (source & wording stolen from here)

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