1. MythBusters: Plane on a conveyor belt

    jake on 2008.01.31
    at 06:34 pm

    MythTern t-shirt MythBusters tackled a myth last night that has become an Internet phenomenon. Adam and Jaime explored what happens when a plane tries to take off from a conveyor belt (the result appears below to prevent spoilers). In a pure show of geekery Jason Kottke liveblogged the show.

    Over the last few years people have been arguing back and forth on this issue. Occasionally you find a scientist weighing in but usually it’s us arm-chair scientists trying to debate. Good thing we have the MythBusters to handle this problem.

    Spoilers: As usual Adam and Jaime attempt the experiment scaled down. With a remote control plane and Adam on his Segway the duo achieve flight. Patience waned until they replicate the result with a single-person plane and Jaime’s truck.


    Adam and Jaime explain afterward the simple error many make is thinking the wheels have something to do with the plane’s propulsion. The engine is actually using air to provide movement and the wheels roll freely.

    Meanwhile the debate continues on at Jason’s site.

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    1. brian said on 2008.01.31 at 07:10 pm

      I had a strong feeling you would blog this. Surprised you didn’t link to these: Hell, Yeah The Plane Takes Off! Commemorative T-Shirts

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