1. More Twitter coverage

    brian on 2008.03.13
    at 01:36 am

    I’m thinking of making a Twitter category. Here’s today’s helping:

    Our friends at Common Craft have made a Twitter in Plain English video. Excellent for attempting to cajole your non-geek friends and family onto Twitter.

    Second, a story of getting your family (or Nivin’s) onto Twitter.

    And lastly, a story of a New York Times writer unsuccessfully trying to get her three daughters to communicate with her more efficiently through Twitter than through other channels.

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    1. Chris said on 2008.03.14 at 03:48 am

      Good find

      Good find with that Twitter video! I’ve been having some trouble when attempting to explain to my family and friends (non-techies) why Twitter could be really useful.

      I think it’s videos like these and the recent Wired article about Twitter’s effect on SXSW that will help bring the micro-blogging concept to the mainstream.

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