1. March of Death

    brian on 2003.03.24
    at 01:30 pm

    Not to be one upped by the Beastie Boys, Zach de la Rocha has risen from his self-imposed exile to post a free, downloadable track protesting the war. de la Rocha, late of Rage Against the Machine, has hooked up with DJ Shadow on a new project. The downloadable song is entitled "March of Death."

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    1. Chris Pattison said on 2004.11.12 at 01:04 pm


      Zack de la Rocha is a God to me, next to Tom Morello he has single handedly enticed me to become a communist. His lyrics are unstoppable (muriels with metaphors) i haven't heard his new song but i guess it'll fight the fuckin power big-style. he knows his subjects, he is the revolution, take it back Zack, you're a saviour of my communist spirit. Equality to all, and peace out!

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