1. Bats Being Devastated By "White Nose Syndrome"

    jake on 2008.04.17
    at 06:42 pm

    Here come the mosquitoes.

    My parents’ property includes a big chunk of wetlands. There is also a small wooded area across the yard. These woods were once home to many bats. As it grew dark in the summer you could watch them journey across the yard for a dinner of bugs. At least until a few years ago when our neighbor unnecessarily cut down a large section of trees and the bats disappeared. We miss them and their taste for mosquitoes.

    Now bats in New England (more recently including Connecticut) are being threatened by a new ailment, “white nose syndrome.” Not a lot is known about the fungus but scientists are investigating.

    Bats with this white–nose syndrome have the white fungus on their noses and occasionally other parts of their bodies. It is unknown if the fungus is causing the deaths or is symptomatic of a disease. Human health implications are not known; there is no information indicating that people have been affected after exposure to the white fungus.

    Lets hope they find a way to stop this before it becomes more widespread. Even if they creep you out, like spiders, bats are very beneficial to us.

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