1. DHH at Startup School

    brian on 2008.04.23
    at 10:56 pm

    Have 5 minutes to spare? Start watching this:

    David Heinemeier Hansson at Startup School 2008

    Oh, the video is 30 minutes long, but you’ll have lost track of time and not realize that you didn’t mean to watch the video for that long.

    What is it about telling people looking to make a quick buck to get their heads out of their asses, that is so enjoyable to watch?

    The story never gets old for me: forget taking other people’s money, and other people’s expectations and their definitions of success. Find something you’re passionate about, something you enjoy doing. Balance it with a life. Solve problems, charge a reasonable fee, and keep it simple. If you’re living comfortably, that’s success. You don’t need to be the next big thing, or be totally original. You just have to do one thing better than other people, and find people that’s valuable to. Treat them well, and you’ll succeed.

    People forget the “Internet industry” isn’t a moneybin. It’s a place to conduct business. Businesses have been around a very long time, and almost none of the successful ones have ever taken the rocket trajectory to success. They score small wins, reinvest the profit and grow within their means.

    Like in almost anything, becoming a star by working hard, not by trying to be a star, is the best path to follow.

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