1. Tumble-hooked

    brian on 2008.04.24
    at 01:19 am

    As if I didn’t have enough blogs (four, at last count) I post to, I began experimenting with Tumblr a few months back. It started out as a way to entice someone into posting more often. Then it became research on how to integrate that sudden flurry of activity into something importable into her normal blog (which, I hear, is being re-designed). Then it became something to investigate extending for a loved one to start using as she wanted to document an important time in her life.

    I got to really appreciate it’s elegance and simplicity, even if I didn’t have a need for it. Well, “need” is rarely a qualification for something I start using, at least when it comes to technology.

    Further experiments showed that Tumblr really excelled at video, mobloging, and with it’s stark modern aesthetic, it makes an excellent frame for photos.

    So if you want to see some photos I take from my phone, videos I make or just generally entertaining rubbish, have a look at

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