1. MacGyver Movie

    jake on 2008.05.09
    at 02:36 pm

    MacGyver Title From Opening There are many pieces of entertainment that can be construed as guilty pleasures. MacGyver was a popular tv show in the late eighties and the latter seasons have not aged well. This has caused some pop culture negativity. When you say MacGyver in public you can receive two basic responses. Some point out his pseudo mullet and laugh. Others get silly grins and reference Swiss Army Knives and Duct Tape.

    Starting on my birthday I began acquiring the full season DVDs. And as I work my way through season 6 I can stand proud and exclaim the awesomeness of MacGyver. There is no guilt.

    Gizmodo recently mentioned that the show’s creator, Lee David Zlotoff, is interested in crating a big budget movie of the property. Hopefully if this is greenlit it will do the classic justice. Yeah, I just called this show a classic.


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