1. Belatedly Announcing My New Blog

    brian on 2008.06.09
    at 01:45 pm

    I was holding off until I had a few posts in the system to announce my latest blog project, but then I simply forgot that I hadn’t ever noted its launch here! I had to read through our archives back till August of 2007 to make sure I hadn’t posted about it (when I first installed the software for the new blog.) Alas, I’ve buried the lead!

    I’d love for you to check out my new blog, Evolve.

    At Evolve I’ll be examining where education meets technology and design. I think so many people are focused on EdTech, but so few are focused on getting the user interaction right. Many think technology will make education better, but it can’t do that by itself. Like raw steel, it must be hammered and formed and bent into submission by skilled and passionate craftsmen, so that technology serves its masters. Much of that forming is experience and interaction and visual design. If books were as poorly designed as most educational web sites, no one would read.

    Join me in fighting the good fight at Evolve.

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