1. Fixing a launchd and svnserve problem on Leopard

    jake on 2008.06.12
    at 12:12 am

    It’s not too difficult to configure the basics of Subversion (Leopard includes it). But it’s not a huge leap to want the server component running perpetually in the background. That’s not as straight forward. Instructions exist but a few snags with launchctl means you cannot automate svnserve’s launch. It didn’t work on the first try for me.

    But after that hurdle an issue arose where my machine starts the service, and then restarts it, again and again. A little digging reveals the console reporting “Exited with exit code: 1” and if you look at the launchctl list the status is also set to 1. Google isn’t much help so it’s time for trial and error. After pulling a few commands from the .plist file there’s still a successful launch and the restart problem goes away.

    The following are the superfluous properties (it’s possible there are more you can remove).


    Happy editing!

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    1. Hank Zimmerman said on 2008.06.12 at 01:26 am


      As an aside, for any work with launchd I cannot recommend Lingon enough.

      I just wish it would integrate a “launchctl load” and unload capability (I dislike having to switch into the Terminal just to load the new .plist file I just created).

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