1. Design Fail

    brian on 2008.07.01
    at 12:32 am

    Penguin Books hosts yearly contests in which design students design covers for famous Penguin Books. A great contest, with some absolutely beautiful work.

    So why does the web site fail so miserably?

    While the overall layout is pleasing, the light grey text is nearly unreadable on the white background.

    Tumbleweed or Hairball?

    Click on a piece to view it. The large detail view is what most people would consider a thumbnail. These are embarrassingly small. These students work so hard, but those of us who are interested in viewing their work can, who seek it out can, at best, only get the drift.

    Most computer monitors are as tall as your average paperback book. So why can’t we view these at near-100% scale? It’s an art website! Yes, we’ll wait for the images to load at high quality. We’re there for fidelity!

    Instead we’re fed a spoonful of fail.

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