1. WTF is Twitter?

    brian on 2008.07.08
    at 09:40 pm

    I haven’t posted about Twitter in a while. I think Twitter posts make, like, half of my content on this blog over the last calendar year. Clearly, I can only post consistently if I talk about Twitter.

    That’s why I’m pleased to show you

    The problem: try explaining Twitter to a non-geek family member. OK, now try to do that in a sentence or two! Did they understand after either take?

    WTFisTwitter is short videos of people trying to explain what Twitter is.

    BTW, none of these explanations will remotely help you explain to someone what Twitter is. But they’re entertaining.

    (via Whitney)

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    1. Whitney Hess said on 2008.07.21 at 12:11 am

      Thanks for the link love

      Really appreciate you reading my blog and for linking to me here. Very much looking forward to meeting you in October. Give Jared a big hug for me :)

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