1. Patton Oswalt Thrusts Wisdom On Unsuspecting Teens

    jake on 2008.07.11
    at 03:50 pm

    Werewolves and Lollipops Album Cover Patton Oswalt is a funny guy. His latest CD (mp3) is proof of that. Especially if you’re a geeky sort of fellow. Apparently he also has the ability to provide wisdom. Which he did, peppered with humor, to the graduating class of his alma mater. The entire speech is worth a read.

    So, 1987. That’s when I got my diploma. But I want to tell you something that happened the week before I graduated. It was life-changing, it was profound, and it was deeper than I realized at the time.

    The week before graduation I strangled a hobo. Oh wait, that’s a different story. That was college. I’m speaking at my college later this month. I’ve got both speeches here. Let me sum up the college speech – always have a gallon of bleach in your trunk.

    Discovered at The Best Week Ever

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