1. Holoscreen for use in store windows.

    jake on 2003.03.24
    at 04:22 pm

    An article from the Canadien branch of the Discovery Channel speaks of a screen used to display an image from a projector.

    A projector inside the store projects an image from a DVD player onto a mirror, which then reflects onto the piece of glass in the storefront window.

    But how does the picture "stick" to the glass? Well, there's a thin film glued to the back of the glass, which is six nanometers thick - that's about half as thick as a human hair. Embedded in this film are millions of tiny prisms. These prisms refract the light from the projector and send it outward for pedestrians on the street to see.

    A neat idea, but probably only will be implemented in high end shops. A Hugo Boss store is the placement from the article. Not exactly an everyday store.

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