1. Over analyzing things out of frustration: Mummy Edition.

    jake on 2008.08.04
    at 01:57 pm

    Saturday was a lovely day. After an afternoon at Connecticon and a lovely dinner with some “awesome” friends we attended a showing of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Whoops.

    I’d like to preface this by saying I didn’t run screaming from the theater or attempt to jab Twizzlers into my eyes. There are worse movies in existence. But I spent more time laughing at this movie than with it. Pretending this movie can be spoiled, spoilers follow.

    You may have seen yeti being showcased in the previews on TV. Well there are a few of them, and they’re good guys. Yes, two protagonists can speak Yeti (Brendan Fraser, Rick, marvels at this himself) and ask for some hairy help. While the yeti run around in weak CGI pummeling the Dragon King’s minions I hit my breaking point…

    During the tussle a yeti kicks a soldier over an entryway. He checks with another yeti who throws up his arms signaling a successful field goal… What?! This is taking place in 1947. How would a creature out in the Asian wilderness know anything about American Football? He could not have seen it on the barely existent television. I doubt he came to the States to watch it live. Wasn’t it derived from rugby? Are you telling me that the yeti actually invented the sport and Mr. Camp took it from them?

    My suspension of disbelief only goes fairly far. And the new Mummy movie broke it. Broke it hard.

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